Green Bean – Manggarai EAST NUSA TENGGARA

The coffee plantation is in the area of Ranaka Mountain, it is located in the southern heart of the capital city of Manggarai (Ruteng). Ranaka is a volcano surrounded by shady wet forests. Ranaka peak is at 2400 MSAL. Coffee plantations are still treated in traditional ways from ancient times. Farmers maintain the quality of coffee processing and are accustomed to not mixing their coffee bean varieties, so as to create excellent coffee beans with one variety. So, the price is higher than other origincoffee in Indonesia.

Since 2004, Manggarai coffee farmers have received guidance so they can improve quality and increase selling prices. It was not popular at the time and the price of coffee was still below the coffee market price in New York, and even reached 40 percent below it. With this effort, now the market price reaches 5 to 10 percent above the New York market price.

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