Green Bean – Kerinci and Muara Bungo JAMBI

In the province of Jambi, there are two regions that produce coffees. First is Muara Bungo region. The coffee produced in this region is Arabica and Robusta. Second is Kerinci region. This region has an active volcano and the coffee produced by the farmers is Arabica.


Coffee farmers in the Kerinci region generally grow arabica coffee. This area has active volcanoes with a altitude of 3085 MSAL and it’s the highest mountain in Sumatra. In the area there are also tea plantations. The quality of coffee beans and their excellent aroma are influenced by the nutrition of the Kerinci volcano soil. Q Grader assesses the character of Kerinci coffee is a combination of five varieties that exist in Sumatra. Because of its taste, Kerinci Arabica Coffee has been named the best Indonesian specialty coffee in 2017. This coffee is one of the limited edition coffees in Indonesia, because of the limited production.

Muara Bungo:

Muara Bungo is one of the largest robusta coffee producers in Indonesia. Robusta, which has been adapted in the Bukit Barisan Lanscape for more than 100 years. There are two very close coffee-producing regions, namely Muara Bungo and Merangin. Coffee plantations are located at an altitude of 1000 MSAL- 1300 MSAL. Coffee beans are processed in an environmentally friendly manner with a touch of the hand without eliminating local wisdom and local culture to Tercipata Fine Robusta with a distinctive taste. The taste of Robusta coffee from this area is well known throughout Indonesia and even in various Indonesian coffee importer countries. Proof of that achievement is that this coffee got the 1st place of Robusta single origin category in SCAI Auction 2018 in Bali-Indonesia (Fullwash Process).

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