jazz up German coffee market

Starting 2020, PT Nabu Kopi Indonesia introduced premium coffee labeled to German market. What do people say about ?

The aroma of Gayo coffee is like a combination of tobacco and marzipan, when I drink Gayo coffee it’s like drinking black beer without alcohol, it feels like malt (The main ingredient of beer). This coffee has a strong but soft effect when drunk. Try mixing it with milk. , it will taste fruity notes like a strawberry, explained Terrence in awe. According to him, the price given is commensurate, especially for gourmet coffee connoisseurs.

“I am a coffee drinker, but not a gourmet coffee, I think the high prices have a high quality – this coffee is very good, different from the general brands I usually enjoy. I offered a fairly expensive price, “said Rolf.

Quoted from DW webiste. For more info please follow link below