Green Bean – Mandheling, Sidikalang, and Lintong NORTH SUMATERA

Coffee plantations in North Sumatra have existed since 1966. The biggest and most widely produced coffee producing area is Mandheling. Coffee plantations in these three regions have a combination of cold and fertile soil elements in the Bukit Barisan area with an altitude up to 1600 MSAL.


The word “Mandheling” is the mention of strangers to the word Mandailing, which is one of the tribal names in North Sumatra. If extended a bit, Mandailing Natal (Madina). Mandheling is the name of a district in North Sumatra. Coffee plantations in this region are located at an altitude of 1200-1500 meters above sea level, Mandheling coffee is known for its strong taste with medium acidity and a special aroma of chocolate and fruit.


Sidikalang is the capital of the Dairi district in a cool, mountainous region. Nnatural conditions of Sidikalang is located in Bukit Barisan and filled with various hills with varying degrees of slope. Sidikalang coffee has actually become a legend of Sumatra coffee throughout the world. Since the Dutch era, Sidikalang coffee has become the main commodity of VOC to be exported throughout the world.


The name “Lintong” is taken from the word Lintong Nihuta, because the coffee planting area is generally located around the Lintong Nihuta District. This coffee plantation area is in the vicinity of the Bukit Barisan mountains, near Lake Toba which has an ideal height for growing coffee trees. For a long time, Lintong coffee was a favorite of coffee drinkers in Europe because of its strong taste and distinctive aroma.

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